Frequently Asked Questions

If you have not already got an AFL ID (you might have one to access other AFL online products) you can register for one via the Sign In menu item on the top (right) navigation of this site or via AFL iD -

Go to the Login/Sign In menu item on the top Navigation. User will be directed to the AFL ID Login/sign In page where they can enter their login credentials and access the additional functionality logged in users can avail of for this Website (orders retained, lightboxes) and be used for other AFL products too (see AFL iD -

Users can purchase images from the AFL Photos website, the details on how photos can be purchased can be found in the Print Purchases page. If a user has logged in and purchased a print(s) their order detail will show on their My Account Navigation Menu. If user has purchased as a Guest they need to refer to their order email. Users can use the Contact Us to follow up on orders.

If you have a purchased a print you can only use purchased prints as details within the Terms and Conditions and Print Purchases.

When you login to the AFL Photos website with your AFL you will have access to the My Account navigation, users can click on the Orders menu item, click on this to see your Orders from this page you can click on the links to the individual orders.

If you have purchased as a Guest you will need to refer to the order email received or reference a copy of the order details (e.g. print copy or screen copy of the order details).

Users can go to the Galleries menu item on the website top navigation. From here users can filter based on gallery information (e.g. Team(s), Type, Date) to narrow down their gallery search.

Users can click on their Team icon on the homepage and will then be directed to page that lists out Galleries related to their Team, the galleries are listed in latest order and users further filter as required. Similarly, they can click on a team name on the page footer and they will be directed to the same team gallery listing page.

Users can use the Contact Us form to contact the AFL Photos team. The team will monitor requests Monday- Friday business hours (Melbourne time) and respond to your query appropriately.

Lightboxes can be used to organise personal galleries of images in your AFL Photos account. The customisation and sharing of your lightboxes with your friends/family/colleagues is available through your ‘My Account’ settings. To view the contents of the lightbox, click its name.

When you find an image that you would like to add to a lightbox, simply click the + icon that becomes visible when you hover over your selected image in Gallery view or select the "Add to Lightbox button" located next to the image on the detail page. Both options allow you to add your selected images to a lightbox (either create a new lightbox or add to existing one on your list). From here you can categorise your images by creating multiple lightboxes.

To purchase a print, select the image you wish to purchase and click on the "Buy Print" button. You will then select your preferred medium, size and quantity of prints. Pricing information will also be available here. Once you have made your selection, click on the "Add to Cart" button. In your cart will be a detailed listing of images that you have added. From the cart, you can crop your selected images before purchase. You can also update the quantity of each print to be purchased. Click on the "Proceed to Checkout" button to finalise payment.